CoolWallet App可以增加地址,是否表示私鑰存在App內?

CoolWallet內的私鑰只存放在CCEAL 5+/6+的安全晶片內,且不能夠被外部存取,CoolWallet App沒有儲存您的任何私鑰資訊。因此,使用者及駭客沒有辦法透過CoolWallet App獲得您帳戶的私鑰資訊。

CoolWallet App內儲存的是從私鑰導出的「帳戶鑰匙(Account Key)」,因此可以透過BIP32、BIP44共識產生額外地址的地址,並顯示在CoolWallet App中,以下是使用帳戶鑰匙遵守BIP44導出子地址的格式(原文):

BIP44 Secret Key Structure:
m / purpose’/ coin_type’/ account’/ change / address_index

  • Purpose: Purpose is a constant set to 44' (or 0x8000002C) following the BIP43 recommendation. It indicates that the subtree of this node is used according to this specification.
  • Coin_type: refers to the category of the crypto (e.g. 0 for BTC)
  • Account: This level splits the key space into independent user identities, so the wallet never mixes the coins across different accounts. (account key)
  • Change: Constant 0 is used for external chain and constant 1 for internal chain (also known as change addresses).
  • Address_index: This is the address index, starting at 0, which represents the number of addresses generated.


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